Journal Articles

  • Grain boundary energy and curvature in Monte Carlo and cellular automata simulations of grain boundary motion
  • Kinetics and anisotropy of the Monte Carlo model of grain growth
  • Quadruple nodes and grain boundary connectivity in three dimensions
  • Statistical topology of three-dimensional Poisson-Voronoi cells and cell boundary networks
  • Convergence of the hyperspherical harmonic expansion for crystallographic texture
  • Statistics of twin-related domains and the grain boundary network
  • Topological view of the thermal stability of nanotwinned copper
  • Statistical topology of cellular networks in two and three dimensions
  • Improved representation of misorientation information for grain boundary science and engineering
  • Complete topology of cells, grains, and bubbles in three-dimensional microstructures
  • A geometric formulation of the law of Aboav-Weaire in two and three dimensions
  • Computational topology for configuration spaces of hard disks
  • A more accurate three-dimensional grain growth algorithm
  • The generalized Mackenzie distribution: disorientation angle distributions for arbitrary textures
  • The Relationship of the Hyperspherical Harmonics to SO(3), SO(4) and Orientation Distribution Functions
  • Hyperspherical harmonics for the representation of crystallographic texture
  • Correlated grain-boundary distributions in two-dimensional networks
  • Determining the activation energy and volume for the onset of plasticity during nanoindentation.
  • Quantitative insight into dislocation nucleation from high-temperature nanoindentation experiments.