Principal Investigator

Asst. Prof. Jeremy Mason
(530) 752-9578
Jeremy’s research interests involve a variety of theoretical and computational techniques to study the evolution of materials.

Graduate Students

Erdem Eren
Erdem’s research is focused on developing a front-tracking model of grain growth on a volumetric finite element mesh.

Ozan Ericok
Ozan’s research uses the statistical topology of the configuration space of hard disks to understand phase transitions.

Jared Stimac
Jared’s research uses machine learning to develop interatomic potentials for molecular dynamics simulations.

Undergraduate Students

Miranda Bell
Miranda uses the Lattice Boltzmann method to simulate fluid flow in two and three dimensions.

Ethan Suwandi
Ethan is interested in understanding ways to describe and computationally compare grain structures.

Chad Serrao
Chad is using molecular dynamics simulations to understand the damage in material structures caused by high-energy particles.

Graduated Students

Sakura Kawano

Kashyap Ganesan